Digital Cinematographer | Editor

As a life-long video creator, I understand the power of a well-told story to engage an audience.

It is through my love of skateboarding I have explored many avenues of expression and documentation. Skater, videographer, illustrator, photographer, designer. I have always gravitated toward the visuals arts.


My video production experience began in middle school and has touched everything I have done professionally, as well as personally. Some works were created for very narrow audiences, such as the three promotional videos I produced for Daykare Skateboard Co. Others have been made for a national audience and been seen on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.


My passion is for a story well told, whether small or large, the story is king and can make all things grand.


If you would like to add an inventive and creative storyteller to your team, someone who will provide magically targeted content based on your specific goals and mission, please call or email me to schedule an interview. I look forward to speaking with you further about this opportunity and how I can contribute to your project.


Digital Cinematographer | Editor


(720) 235-8056